Virtual IBANs

Create the number of virtual IBANs you like – Any transactions received via virtual IBANs are credited to your main account.


Multi Currency

Over 20 available currencies and the ability to send and receive money instantly worldwide without any hassle.


Pre Paid Cards

Use your Visa prepaid card at millions of ATM’s worldwide anywhere Visa and Master is accepted.

why choose us

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Increase Your Productivity.

Since the advancement of the internet and digital technology, traditional banking is dying out and we now have the convenience of virtual money management that is every bit as secure as it ever was in our physical banks.

Instant money transfer

You’ll find the world a much smaller place with NeoBanQ as you can send and receive money across the planet as easily as locally.

Time-saving and flexible

Remember the days of queueing at the bank? Racing to get to the bank before it closed or waiting till Monday morning to come? Virtual banking means customer service 24/7, managing your account on your phone while lounging on the sofa.


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