About us

We are NeoBanQ, a new, smart and safe way to receive and make payments!

We provide you with your very own dedicated EUR IBAN which will allow you to invoice your clients and collect payments that are sent to an IBAN in your own company name!

Get your own name Master Eur SEPA account. Under your main IBAN account, you can have up to three SWIFT shared IBANs, in EUR, GBP, and USD. The convenience of both SEPA and SWIFT from one platform!
Get in touch with us today and open an account within 48 HOURS !

Collect and make payments conveniently

Collect payments from your clients to your own named IBAN, manage all of your local and international payments with NeoBanQ and save on high bank fees!

Exchange to different currencies

Having NeoBanQ as your Partner means you can exchange in over 40 global currencies right inside your account and save on international bank exchange fees!

Platform safety and data security

At NeoBanQ our number 1 focus is you! With this in mind, we have implemented enhanced KYC, data security and encryption software to make sure you are always safe!

How to apply

Sign Up Process

Non-resident company’s information

All countries have banking regulations. We have a two-step authentication process to ensure correct compliance.

  • You upload the required documents related to your company and to your company’s beneficiaries.
  • We review these documents and provided information with the appropriate authorities.

Once the information is approved, you provide us with your local bank account details. We have strict procedures in place about changing these details

Your own IBAN and SWIFT bank account

As soon as the customer’s due diligence checks are cleared, we issue you an IBAN number for your business bank account. Paperwork and bureaucracy are significantly reduced. You can use this IBAN on your invoices to European customers. When a payment arrives in the account we will inform you and send the money to your local bank account.

Your customer in Europe can make a simple SEPA payment. Euro payments in 35 European countries are handled without any fee (in most cases, or a nominal fee if there’s a fee) and SEPA payments are usually settled the next business day. We have negotiated a deal with our banking partners to secure our customers the best deal.

We are very happy to hear from you if you have questions or comments.Contact us through our website or give us a call.